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Paul Turner
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I always loved the stock NBN bridge pins because they were so unique with the abalone strips.  Over time though with them breaking, etc. I had to switch out the pins on one of my NBNs.  I tried a couple of inexpensive variations but never found anything I liked as much as the originals.  You may know there are all kinds of exotic bridge pins on the market, and claims to improve sustainability, etc.  I'll leave that up to you to sort out on your own - my personal opinion is that the bridge pins are relatively insignificant when it comes to the sound.  Of course they need to be the correct ones for the guitar (there are different types/sizes).  Eventually I decided to dig in with the power of the Internet and do some serious shopping.  I wasn't looking for cheap - I wanted bridge pins that were well made, look good and match the quality of NBN.  I ended up buying 26 (two 6 strings, a 12 string, and spares) pins made from mammoth ivory with abolone dots from Gurian Instruments.  You may be aware of Michael Gurian (http://youtu.be/IEoWHmPhaeA) who was a well respected luthier in the 60s and 70s.  While these pins were not cheap they were substantially less expensive than many comparative products and I love them. 

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