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Paul Turner
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The early seventies was the first time I became interested in caring for my acoustic guitar.  At the time I didn't yet own an NBN and was playing a Guild 12 string.  I stopped by a piano dealer in Boulder and asked their recommendations for wood polish.  They suggested "Freeman's Famous Furniture Cream" which was available in most grocery stores.  I tried it. liked it, and have used it since.  I have no idea if it's still sold - after I moved away from Colorado I had a friend stock me up with quite a few bottles which have lasted over the years.  Freeman's claims it has no wax or silicones - which seemed to be a good thing - it also contains petroleum distillates which proved to be very effective in cleaning the surface.  It left a pretty rock hard finish and I was happy with the results.

Recently however I happened upon some products that interested me.  I also play electric bass, and own a Sadowsky bass.  Roger Sadowsky and his basses are highly regarded and they market some accessory items on their website (no surprise).  I've bought a few things from them and have never been disappointed.  So when I saw Restoration Cleaner and Restoration Polish listed for nitrocellulose lacquer finishes I took the bait.  My R-2 has, shall we say, been around the block a few times.  It has the wear and scars of a guitar played a lot for 50 years.  Much of the finish, especially the sides, was pretty cloudy.  I just completed treatment using the Sadowsky cleaner and polish and am pretty amazed by the results.  The cleaner is not unlike automotive rubbing compound, just a very light abrasive version.  It did a great job of really cleaning up the surface.  The polish is a good cream polish - there's lots to choose from out there but I suspect this is as good or better than most.  My M-2-12 and Concert Series guitars have no real finish issues so I doubt I'll use the Cleaner on them anytime soon.  But if you have a well-heeled instrument I can highly recommend the Sadowsky Cleaner and Polish.

For the ebony fingerboards and bridges I've always used a good linseed oil purchased at an artists supply.  I clean the fingerboard when needed with 0000 grade steel wool.  Sadowsky recommends Planet Waves Hydrate which I haven't tried yet.  I don't live in a dry climate and ebony is very hard so fingerboard dryness hasn't been an issue for me. 

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